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Zaydiyyah in Yemen

Zaydiyyah Zaydiyyah , Zaydism , or Zaydi Shia (Arabic: الزيدية ‎ az-zaydiyya , adjective from Zaydi or Zaidi (occasionally called incorrectly as Fiver Shias ) is one of the Shia traditions closest in terms of theology to the Ibadi and Mutazila schools. Zaydiyyah emerged in the 8 th century from Shi'a Islam. Zaydis are named after Zayd ibn ʻAlī , the grandson of Husayn ibn, Menu The Houthis, as they are often called, have asserted that their actions are for the defence of their community from the government and discrimination. On 20 September 2014, an agreement was signed in Sana'a under UN patronage essentially giving the Houthis control of the government after a decade of conflict. Tribal militias then moved swiftly to consolidate their position in the capital, with the