99 Names of Allah (Asmā ul-Husnā)| 61-80

99 Names of Allah (Asmā ul-Husnā)| 61-80

61 اَلْمُمِيتُ => al-Mumīt
The Life Taker

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Mumīt frequently with your hands on your chest on falling asleep to control your passions and destroy your enemy.

62 الْحَيُّ => al-Hayy
The Living

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Hayy frequently for a long life and to cure sickness.
Recite 500 x before sunrise for peace.

63 الْقَيُّومُ => al-Qayyūm
The Self Existing

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Qayyūm at the time of Fajr salāh for friendship.
Recite 16x daily for memorisation help.
Recite it in seclusion for affluence. To remove lethargy and laziness recite Al Hayy and Al Qayyūm after Fajr salāh.

64 الْوَاجِدُ => al-Wājid
The Resourceful

The root word for Al Wājid is a word which means independent. It also means finding out something through the power of senses or the reaching of a point or goal.

Theoretically, Al Wājid is one who has everything that He wants or desires. One who can affect the decree, who knows and determines everything.

One who is capable of doing everything. Nothing is beyond his reach or might. He is always there to satisfy our needs with all his love, compassion and wisdom.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Wājid with every morsel of food to become resourceful.

65 الْمَاجِدُ => al-Mājid
The Noble

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Mājid 465 x morning and night to be understood by others.

66 الْواحِدُ => al-Wāhid
The Unique

The attribute of Allah Al Wāhid, means the Unique, the One. Linguistically Al Wāhid means the One who doesn’t socialise or keep company:

To believe in Tawhīd is to believe that there is no partner with Allah in His authority and that being One is the quality of His which nobody else shares with Him.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Wāhid 1000 x when you are alone and in a dark place to be free of fear and delusions.

67 اَلاَحَدُ => al-Ahad
The One

The word ‘ahad’ as opposed to ‘Wāhid’ depicts the oneness of Allah:

Wahid’ is the numerical digit ‘one’ in Arabic which is divisible and can also be preceded and followed by other numbers.

Ahad’ depicts one in the sense of the Absolute One which cannot be divided, multiplied, preceded nor followed. By Allah using Ahad, He is implying affirmation to His Oneness, and there being none similar to Him.

# benefits of recitation

1000 x for unification of Nafs. For pious children keep ism on self.

68 الصَّمَدُ => As-Samad
The Eternal

As Samad is an attribute of Allah which is also known as a great name.

As Samad has a lot of meaning, its linguistic meanings include the ultimate goal, the obeyed Master without whose command nothing can happen,

the support of those who need to be supported, the one to whom all matters are referred, the one to whom all issues are rendered and regarding which nobody else decides, the one to whom pleads are directed.

As Samad however in essence is the satisfier of all needs and all are in need of Him, yet He is in need of none.

It is As Samad that we approach to grant our pleas, the one to whom we plead to make wishes come true. He is the one who we seek during times of need.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat 1000 x to know the hidden meanings of things.
Recite 115 x at dawn or at midnight while in Sajda, to be safe from oppression.
Recite to improve character.

69 الْقَادِرُ => al-Qādir
The Able

Al Qādir, translated in English is the All Powerful. Allah is the All Powerful. He does what He wills, as He wills.

The root word of ‘Al Qādir’ is the noun which means might, power, ability or decree.

Allah created the universe without needing the help of anything and from neither materials nor models. If He wills He can destroy everything and send it all back to nothingness as if nothing has happened. It’s not that He doesn’t have the power to make it happen, it’s because He hasn’t willed it.

Al Qādir has infinite ability; it is a capacity of causing things to happen. The power of invention and creation – they’re all conditioned by one thing His will.

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Qādir while washing each limb during the Wudū and no enemy should harm you.
If you face a difficulty recite 41 x to be free from difficulty.
Recite 305 x when love not responded to.

70 الْمُقْتَدِرُ => al-Muqtadir
The Powerful

Al Muqtadir is the superlative of Al Qādir, which enhances the prestige and the awe which is inspired by Al Qādir.

Al Muqtadir controls everything through His Might which encompasses all His creation. He is the One who creates the power and has the total control over all powers.

He manifests His name Al Muqtadir over all creation. Therefore if we think of Al Qādir as All Powerful, Al Muqtadir is the manifestation of that power in creation.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Muqtadir frequently to become aware of the Truth.
Recite 744x to sharpen the memory.

71 الْمُقَدِّمُ => al-Muqaddim
The Promoter

The word Muqaddim comes from the root word ‘taqdeem’ which means advancing or promoting or preferring.

Al Muqaddim here means the one who presents things and places them in their right place. Al Muqaddim is He who advances the rank and status of whoever deserves to be advanced or preferred or favoured over others.

In other words, He brings forward whoever He wills. He advances human beings according to the sincerity of their submission to Him and protects them against falling into disobedience if they have connected themselves to Him.

He has advanced the human being amongst all His creation by giving them the ability of freewill, reasoning and intelligence. He invites the whole of humanity to truth but advances those who respond to the invitation.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat when you are afraid of being alone in a frightening place.
Recite to present things in their right places.

72 الْمُؤَخِّرُ => al-Muakhir
The Postponer

Al Muakhir is He who causes those who set up other Gods besides Him or call upon others besides Him to lag behind while He advances the ranks of those who believe.

He grants His guidance to those who obey Him whilst delaying it to those who disobey Him.

He postpones the punishment of the oppressor because of His compassion and mercy thereby giving time to be able to correct themselves.

# benefits of recitation

Recite 100 times for Tawba to be accepted.
Recite 1446 x before sunrise for 7 days to prevent tyrant from gaining power.

73 الأوَّلُ => al-Awwal
The First

Allah is the first and there is none like Him. This means that there is none prior to Him, that He is self-existent and all comes from Him and that He is the cause of all that became.

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Awwal 40 times on Thursday night for fulfilment of needs.
Recite 1000 times for 40 Fridays for an overwhelming problem and for safe return from journey.

74 الآخِرُ => al-Ākhir
The Last

Allah is the last as He has no beginning and He has no end. He is eternal. He is the last in the sense that the circle of existence begins and ends with Him.

# benefits of recitation

Those who recite Ya Ākhir frequently should lead a good life and have a good end at the time of death. Recite 1000 times on Friday for increased sustenance.

75 الظَّاهِرُ => Az-Zāhir
The Manifest

Linguistically Az-Zāhir is derived from a word which means manifestation or appearance. It means something hidden coming to appearance.

Allah is hidden from those who seek to see by means of their senses, but He is apparent to those who seek to know Him by the wisdom and reason that Allah has bestowed upon them.

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Zāhir 500 x for divine Light to enter your heart.

76 الْبَاطِنُ => al-Bātin
The Hidden

Al Bātin means the one who is obscured from the eyes of his creation due to the intensity of His appearance; the Hidden One due to his essence that defines the minds and the intellect.

Allah is Zāhir through sufficiency and He is Bātin through objectivity. He is Zāhir due to His bounties and He is Al Bātin through His mercy. He is the apparent one who subdues everything and the hidden one who knows the truth about everything.

Allah’s existence is both manifest and hidden. He is apparent because the signs of His existence are visible even to the blind, but His essence remains hidden.

# benefits of recitation

Recite Ya Bātin 22 x to see the truth in things.
Recite 33 x for enlightenment.

For hajat pray 2 rakats salāh after which recite “Huwal Awwalu wal Aakhiru wazh Zhaahiru wal Bātin; wa huwa ‘alaa kulli shayin Qadeer”

77 الْوَالِي => al-Wālī
The Governor

Allah is the sole manager and governor of the whole creation.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Wālī in your home to be free from danger.
Recite 11 x to subdue another’s anger.

78 الْمُتَعَالِي => al-Mutaʿālī
The Exalted

The root word of “al-Mutaʿālī” is a word which means height, sublimity, loftiness.

Al-Mutaʿālī is Exalted in His Greatness and Honours which nobody reaches besides Him. His Honour cannot be comprehended or measured in human terms.

Al-Mutaʿālī is above deficiencies or shortcomings, or above being conceived by anyone’s imagination. He does not need any of what He creates, He does not need the worship of those who worship Him; He makes His grace available to all those who strive to attain it.

Everything on the earth evolves from health to sickness, from youth to old age. Allah is free from all defects and above them all.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Mutaʿālī to ease difficulties.
Recommended for women to recite during menstruation to relieve ailments.
If demoted recite 540 x to be restored to honour. Also effective for interviews.

79 الْبَرُّ => al-Barr
The Source of Goodness

Al Barr is the attribute of Allah which is derived from Barr which means the doer of goodness, Birr meaning the doing of benevolent deeds.

Al Barr therefore is an inclusive word containing all the attributes of goodness, benevolence and charity.

If His abd intends to do a good deed but is unable to actualise it Allah as Al Barr rewards the intention as if it were actualised. But if His abd intends to sin and is unable to actualise it Allah forgives the intention.

When you do good to Allah’s creation even if it is by a smile or a kind word you will see the reflection of Al Barr in you.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Barr frequently to be blessed and be free from misfortune.
Recite 7 x daily to create aversion to bad habits.
If recited 7 x on a new-born baby it will give the child protection from calamities.

80 التَّوَابُ => At-Tawwāb
The Accepter of Tawba

Allah accepts the repentance of those who sincerely repent and turn to him.

The Arabic word “Tawwāb” gives the sense of “oft-returning” which means that Allah again and again accepts the repentance:

We make sins and mistakes then we repent, He accepts our repentance. Then again we commit sins and make mistakes and when we repent, He again very kindly accepts us and gives us another chance.

# benefits of recitation

Repeat Ya Tawwāb many times for acceptance of Tawba.
Recite frequently for accomplishment of a task.
Recite 10 x in front of a tyrant to be free from oppression.